by Louise Cartlidge

Studying it as an A-Level text we had to take the time to read it not only as a text but as an in depth learning material. As a text, it serves no real purpose as a horror but more of a biography of Shelley's life and is rather sophisticated in the scientific point of view. Personally I believe that the actual Creature is the victim rather than Victor and needs more sympathetic point of view rather than being neglected as a being. The journey made through these two characters are a mirror image of each other full of good and evil while one cannot live without the other, Victor and the Creature are both intent on destroying each other's happiness so that both are as miserable as each other, good seemingly triumphs over evil as the 'doppelganger' meaning Victor dies and the Creature seems to live on so Victor's journey is unsucessful in the end by his death. But it is hard to define what is good about the Creature as he seemingly makes several changes throughout his own narrative which can be stright to the point yet some of it can be a little unneccessay.

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