by Grace S

A mysterious death, a daunting whistle, a fortune at stake, a overbearing stepfather, and a damsel in distress are just a few of the elements of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s short story, The Adventure of the Speckled Band. The story begins with a young woman seeking advise , who relies on her world famous icon, Sherlock Holmes. When Miss Stoner comes to find that her beloved sister ,Julia, has been murdered in the most disheartened way possible, she strives to determine what happened, relying on Sherlock and his companion; Watson. Now , the two journey to conquer who is behind this and what has took place. There are many pathways for these detectives the most obvious is their main suspect Dr Roylott who is Helen’s stepfather. A cruel and controlling man. His personality gives us a hint that his opposition exists and that this would lead to a unlawful event.

Arthur Conan Doyle introduces the importance of Sherlock, as the main character, he is brought in early to intrigue the reader into thinking that he is more superior than the other characters. Sherlock's appeal to the case intrigues the reader, making it more interesting. In fact Doyle writes in the first person, from the point of view of Dr Watson, giving more interest viewing Holmes and this ensures that most of the events and Holmes' brilliant deductions are explained to the reader in view from Watson.

Like all Sherlock paperbacks, the book is set in mid-nineteenth century in England and the characters follow customs typical of the time and place. The Adventure of the speckled band stands out due to being set in rural Britain in contrast to the typical urban London. This gives an impact because the audience is going to wonder what the crime is going to be because it isn't going to be normal opposed to what is usually seen in a London setting.

In my opinion reading this classic novel left me in complete confusion. however, I thurraly enjoyed the discussion in which I went over the clues to lead me to something that I did not expect.

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